Vada Rae's Salon

Hair Care The Regular Way

You make an appointment with your beautician for a cut and color. When you get there, she is backed up with customers and you have to wait 30 minutes to see her.

Once she has you in her chair, she says that she needs to reschedule your color because the receptionist didn’t allow enough time for her to do it. You wish she had told you this before you waited the 30 minutes to see her.

She asks how you want your hair cut, and when you say the usual way, she has no idea what you are talking about. Once you remind her how you like you hair cut you wonder why she doesn’t know how you like your hair. Because you’ve have been coming to her every six weeks and nothing has changed.

When she is finished, she asks you how do you like your hair. You hesitate because you can see a piece in the back sticking up. The beautician never even notices your hesitation. Instead she is taking the cape off and getting ready for you to leave.

The visit leaves you frazzled and unhappy. You decide you need to find another beautician.


A More Beautiful Life

Vada Raes Salon wants you to have a beautiful life.

Vada allows time to give you a beauty audit on your first visit and knowing that things change, she updates this for you with every visit. Vada spends the time reviewing changes that were made previously, how you like it now, and what still needs attention.

Once you have a service done, Vada asks if you like it and notices if you hesitate. If you hesitate, Vada is quick to ask what is wrong, so it can be fixed. Vada doesn’t take the cape off until she knows that you are happy with whatever service you have.

Vada considers your inspirations or seasonal changes to try something new, and they are discussed and decided upon with Vada making suggestions to keep your look fresh

There is also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. What could make a more beautiful life?